Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finding the good in the bad

this morning my team met up to do our bible study. we are doing a max lucado study on the gospel of john. the title of the lesson was called "the loss of a friend". the scripture for this lesson was john 11:17-44, the raising of lazarus from the dead. one of the opening questions max asked was to think of time in your life when a bad experience turned out for good. the first thing that came to mind was when my best friend paul died, 16 years ago. looking back on that tragedy, i can see good things that came out of it. the biggest thing is my best friend allison ringger. when paul died, she felt god telling her to reach out to me and to be a friend to me during that hard time. so she started to talk to me and invite me to do things with her. we became fast friends and before i knew it she had become my very best friend! we have been best friends for over 16 years now and even though we are 20 hours away from each other, we remain just as close as when we lived 5 minutes apart from each other in high school. i thank god often for how he has blessed me with her friendship. she is like a sister to me. we've been through pretty much everything you could think of and have created thousands of memories together:-) so allison, thanks for being obedient to god! you are the best thing that came out of paul's death. i am so thankful for how amazing you are and how special our friendship is! love you girl!!!

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