Thursday, October 9, 2008

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

so about a month ago, i started a new bible study called bsf. my mom did it for 7 years and i have a few friends that are in it right now. i've always heard great things about it and i finally felt like it was the right time in my life to start up. it basically runs the course of the school year and we meet every monday night. it is for men and women both, but they don't mix men and women together. it is very structured. we start at 6:55 and end right at 8:45. they don't waste your time and they keep attendance each week. if you don't do your study, you're not allowed to answers the questions in your discussion group. i've only been going for a month now and it is for sure my favorite bible study i've ever done in my life. i know that i tend to exaggerate sometimes (ok, a lot), but i promise i'm not exaggerating on this. one of the biggest reasons why i wanted to join is because i wanted to learn more about the bible. i've been a christian almost my entire life and my relationship with god has been way more relational than it has knowledgeable. i have really felt a desire for more knowledge in my life recently and i knew that this study would help in that area. it has been amazing! this year we are studying the life of moses. sometimes i feel like i'm hearing the story for the first time. i am learning so much history and god is teaching me SO much about himself. i have such a passion for this study right now and i'm so thankful that god has place me there. one of the things i really like is that they use what they call a "fourfold" approach. first you learn what you get out of the questions that you do daily on your own. then you learn from the others in your discussion group as you go through the questions. the third "layer" is the 45 teaching session (our teacher is amazing btw). and the fourth is the notes that you get after you meet on monday. i am so enjoying it and i know that i am in it for a purpose. SO much has happened since i've started doing this study; i have been spiritually attacked quite a bit. but god is helping me to persevere and the study has been really helpful and applicable to what i've been going through in my life lately. i am so thankful that god knows what we need even before we do :-)

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