Wednesday, February 4, 2009

unexpected joy

i love those mornings in which you wake up and you're filled with an abundance of joy. and there's no real reason for it. i mean nothing significant happened overnight in which i should wake up filled with joy. (well, i guess i did have a good dream :-))the only answer is god. he is the only thing that can give us true joy anyways. i haven't felt this much joy in awhile. i must admit, life has been hard for me over the last couple of months. i've been wrestling with god on life and why he does the things he does. i am learning that i can't wake up in the morning and ask god WHY? i have to look to god for WHO he is, not for WHAT he can do or give to me. it's been a slow process of changing my attitude towards god, but i am getting there!

i am filled with an exceeding amount of joy right now and the only explanation is god. he is showing me how blessed i truly am. he has given me much! i am thankful that i serve a god who help me change my attitude and my heart. without him i am hopeless!

here are just a few reasons why i am so thankful.....

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Magnoliawhispers said...

I recommend a book called Papa Prayer, as in we can pray to God just for who he is, not like the cosmic Santa in the sky. I have had to focus on that over and over and over again, as you know