Thursday, May 7, 2009

danskin triathlon here i come!

so i'm doing my first FULL tri this sunday on mother's day. i am super pumped about it. i started training in feb for this tri and then because of my unexpected surgery in march, i had to take about 5 weeks off. that threw me for a loop and i was really nervous about the fact that i might not be ready for when the tri came. well now it's almost here...only 3 more days until i see if i have what it takes. i have to admit that i've really pushed myself over the last 3 weeks and it's really paid off. i feel even better than i did before my surgery. i'll be back to post pics of the race (in my lovely spandex outfit) and give you the stats. say a prayer for me if you remember!! since no post is complete with out a picture, here's a picture from my first tri back in '07 kissing my medal :-)


Erica and Nate said...

good luck mols

Peggy Nesseth said...

Hi Molly, Aunt Karen and i have looked at your blog. You did a great job. I was so happy to be with you on Mother's Day. Love, MOM (5/11/09)