Tuesday, April 21, 2009

four wheeling and shooting

christie, me, and jen

so i'm backtracking a little here, but that's ok. at least i am updating my blog two days in a row!! at the beginning of march a bunch of my friends got together and drove up to my friends grandparent's house in wildwood. they live out in the country and own thousands of acres. we were able to go four wheeling and shooting! yes, shooting. it was my first time shooting and can i just say that it's totally addicting and it was way more fun than what i thought. i shot an old 22 and a hand gun and was actually able to hit some targets that they had set up. and then we also did some skeet shooting and i even hit a couple of those!

the four wheeling was quite fun in that you had to dodge hundreds of piles of cow poo. and we even drove right next to the cows. although that kind of ticked them off a bit :-) we were celebrating jamie's 29th birthday and we had a blast! we all want to go back soon jamie!!

i never thought i'd hold one of these!

shooting with an old 22...couldn't get enough of it!

skeet shooting.......PULL.....

jamie and i doing some fast four wheeling

the girls....you better not mess with us

the gorgeous sunset

happy birthday jamie!

after eating the most amazing meal! thanks nana and pops!

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