Thursday, April 2, 2009

march madness

no, i'm not talking about the march madness basketball tournament. i'm talking about me here folks. the month of march was a crazy one indeed! it started out with me moving all of my stuff into the garage so someone could move in and take my spot in the house that i was living at. the home that i was supposed to move into was not quite ready yet, so i got to spend the month traveling from place to place like a homeless vagabond :-)

but it all worked out well enough. i stayed with some great friends from church, art and tammie and had planned to only stay one week with them until my appendix decided that it didn't want to be inside of me anymore so i had to go to the hospital one night and i found out that i had to have emergency surgery to remove the little guy that was causing me so much pain. there was a minor complication when they went in to remove it......because of all the inflammation, my appendix had "adheared" to my colon and they had to peel it off of it. (i know gross) they were worried about "leakage", but everything turned out just fine! i have the most amazing friends that came to visit me and bring me flowers and balloons. i am so blessed to have the friends that i do!

here is a picture of an appendix; not mine :-) although i did ask for it in a jar, but they wouldn't let me because they had to take it to pathology. i am feeling so much better than before and i only have three little scars to show for it. next monday marks a month since my surgery and i will finally be able to start my training back up for my triathlon.

so i ended up staying with my friends art and tammie for another week while i recooperated and then i was off to my friends brian and delia. they were out of the country and they graciously allowed me to stay at their place for a week. after that i moved all my stuff over to rob and melinda's place. i will be honest in saying it was a pain to live out of my car for a month, but i am so grateful for all of my wonderful friends that put me up :-) i am truly blessed!

last weekend i was finally able to move in my new house!! yay!! i am SO happy to be in a house by myself. i feel so content and happy to be living in this new house. my dad painted my bedroom and it turned out wonderful. i had several friends that helped me with the move. i am still unable to lift anything heavy so i had the luxury of telling people where to put things :-) not bad huh?

my bedroom :-) this is the accent wall and the others are a grayish color. i really liked how it turned out.

the living room...this is the furniture that my parents graciously brought down

my kitchen....i can't wait to start baking in it :-)

my screened in porch facing a "quaint" forest

yessss! i finally have my piano with me in fl. thanks to mom and dad:-)

i am settling in quite nicely in my new place. i still have a few things to organize and decorate, but it feels very much like home to me already and i am so happy :-)

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