Monday, January 18, 2010

8 months of happiness

so, this week marked our 8th *monthiversary*. yes, you heard me correctly. we like to celebrate our relationship each month and we call it our monthiversary. i think it should be a real word. so in honor of 8 months together, i will leave you with 8 wonderful things that i love about our relationship.

1. i've never been treated so well by anyone in my life

2. he not only lets me be crazy and silly, but he embraces that part about me

3. being with him is EASY

4. he supports and encourages me in everything i set out to achieve

5. we both love being next to one another and would pick that over anything else

6. i'm convinced that he would do absolutely anything in the world for me

7. he makes me feel like i'm the most beautiful person in the world

8. he loves me to pieces and isn't afraid to tell me

happy 8 months babe....thanks for making them the best ones yet!
thanksgiving palm tree

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Magnoliawhispers said...

you look happy Molly, really happy