Friday, January 15, 2010


lately it's seems that there is a lot going on with those that are close to me in one way or another. some good, some bad, and some great. it's got me thinking about my life and the fact if i'm truly content with where i'm at in life. and what is God up to in each of these individuals lives? from a friend getting engaged, to watching a friend lose his mother to cancer, my best friend finding out that she's getting a baby boy through adoption, two friends getting married this next month, watching a dear friend find out that she really doesn't have cancer, only to find out weeks later that she does and that she has to go through chemo. i feel like everywhere i turn, another person has cancer. i hate seeing people go through sickness and death, who doesn't? but i LOVE rejoicing in the good things and seeing my friends happiness. who doesn't love to see a new life enter into this world and to see a realationship develop into marriage?

i find myself at times wishing and hoping for the things that i DON'T have in my life instead of being truly happy with what i have. i love this quote from elisabeth elliot-"We accept and thank God for what is given, not allowing the not-given to spoil it." this is what i'm striving for these days. i have so much to be thankful for and i don't want to take away all the goodness because i don't have what i want...yet. how can i be dissatisfied with my life when i hear about my friend having to battle cancer? i have a healthy body that allows me to do so much. and why do i get mad at god for not giving me what i want (in my timing) when someone else is grieving over their loss of a family member? it definitely puts things into perspective and god politely slaps me in face and reminds me of all i have and all he has chosen to give to me. see, that's the thing-every single thing that i have or don't have has been chosen by god. he goes before me and knows best for my life. and i know that god is in all of these situations. he is a good and just god. he will bring goodness out of every situation if we allow him.

and how do i know this? well, lets just say that i've been there before. i've been through my own personal tradedies in the past and god has gotten me through each and every one of them. and by his grace he has turned me into this amazing, new creation that never existed before. he makes all things beautiful in his timing...and he will with each one of my friends too...i'm glad i can have hope in him.

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