Sunday, December 14, 2008

song writers..

i am amazed by song writers/singers. i love to sing and am grateful that i am able to use that talent that god has given me, but i am not a song writer. i wish i was, but i have to realize that, that is not one of my gifts. i so admire song writers. i wish i could write lyrics that inspire and move people as they do me. as most of you know, i am very passionate about music. music can have a way of moving and speaking to me so much. i love how it can make me laugh, bring tears to my eyes, pump me up, inspire me, but i love it most when i can relate to the lyrics and the artist that wrote them. there are times in which i feel like certain songs kind of sum up my life story. it's amazing to me how much music moves me. i cannot imagine a world with out music.

i went to a concert last night, "behold the lamb of god" by andrew peterson. it's one of my favorite concerts. this was my second time going to it. he always has a bunch of different artists help him with the concert. ie..bebo norman, sara groves, jill phillips, andy gullahorn, andrew osenga, etc. the first part of the concert, the artists sing a couple of songs each and it's a very chill and laid back atmosphere. they talk in between and they are so random and hilarious. then the second part of the concert is the christmas part. andrew peterson wrote "behold the lamb of god" about 10 years ago and it consists of 11 songs that tell the coming of christ. it's amazing to see him take the old testament stories and turn them into songs. the soundtrack is amazing! one of the reasons why i like this concert so much is that it is very humble. the concert is not about the artists, it's about sharing the coming of christ, the real reason for christmas. their hearts are so genuine. it's so refreshing to go to a concert like this.

jill phillips sang a song from her new album called "all the good things". i could totally relate to it. the song is basically looking at the big picture and seeing how everything in our life is good. even when we go through crap and hard times in our lives, it always turns out good. god always brings good out of hard times. that's one of the biggest things that god has been teaching me this year. i am trying to find the good things in every trial i go through and i KNOW that he will bring good out of every situation. it's hard to see it sometimes, but we are always able to look back after time and see the bigger picture and it becomes clear to us why god did it the way he did. i love getting to the place where you can look back on those hard times with joy in knowing that god knew what he was doing all along. he always does. even when things are crumbling and failing around us, god's plans never fail. i will leave you with the lyrics to "all the good things"....

Every once in a while the world stops spinning enoughThat I can take a step back and get the pictureI see the twists and the turns, I see the patterns they formI see how perfect they are and I remember
All the good thingsAll the good thingsAll the good things you’ve done for me
Though the feeling is real I know it’s fleeting to feelOne day I’ll forget you are here and start to wonderIn that season of doubt, You’ll still be showering meWith blessings I can’t see, that can’t be numbered
All the good thingsAll the good thingsAll the good things You’ve done for me
Forgive me for my shortsighted look at this worldWhere you keep proving that you know what you’re doing
If I could see like you do with your perspective viewThe fires I’m walking through would look much differentI’d see those difficult days for who they made me becomeAnd I would count them among
All the good thingsAll the good thingsAll the good things You’ve done for me

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