Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10th monthiversary

yesterday was 10 months for scott and i. whoot!! what a great 10 months it has been. it feels like we've been together forever, but at the same time it seems like we just started dating yesterday. so here are 10 things in no particular order that i love about mr. scott.

1. he's got the coolest eyes ever. they change from light green to light blue depending on what he's wearing. i'm thankful that they don't change to red when he wears red, but he sure looks good in red.
2. he's got the best smile in the world-makes my heart melt.
3. if you haven't noticed he's tall. if you didn't know, i LIKE that about him. he was born to stand out.
4. this might sound weird, but he smells soooo good. i don't know how he does it(he doesn't wear cologne) but he's just got the most amazing smell about him and it's so comforting to me.
5. he's got the greatest hands in the world. i could stare at them all day. and i love how they envelope my tiny hands. i feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when she puts her hand in the Beast's hand. considering that that movie is my favorite disney movie, it tells me that we are meant to be.
6. his laugh moves me. it lights me up and i'll do anything to get him to laugh.
7. his voice is quite and gentle, never angers or gets loud. i need that in my life.
8. he looks stinkin good with facial hair and without it. there are certain days that i tell him to be "lazy" and to not shave because i want another day with "facial hair scott". and then he looks great with a smooth face too. i'm lucky that he looks well both ways. variety is good folks.
9. he is the best thing to cuddle up to on the couch. there is nothing more warm or cuddley than him. he's got anyone beat in this area; i'm just sure of it.
10. and last but not least....we fit like a puzzle piece. i'm just sure we were made for each other.

thanks for making it a great 10 months baby!

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Insight for Girls said...

so sweet! can't wait to meet him!! :) love you.