Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what is it with people? or me for that matter....

i've noticed it more this week, but lately it seems that whenever i ask someone how they are doing in passing or tell them "thanks" for holding the door, all i get is silence. seriously? did you not hear me? i know i spoke loud enough. what is your problem? is this the norm now? i would never just ignore someone and keep walking. is it because the majority of the people don't like me? do they just hate interacting with others? are they just being rude on purpose? i don't get it; they just go about on their merry way as if i never had said anything in the first place. i just don't get people these days.

on a lighter note, scott and i are headed to a little concert tomorrow night. a band called "gungor" is playing at the lovely plaza theatre in o-town. i just stumbled across them a couple of weeks ago (while i was blog stalking)and they sounded pretty cool. tickets were only $8, so i figured we'd check it out. have you ever heard of them?

and yes, i am a total blog stalker these days. it's so addicting and each blog leads from one to another and it never stops! i am majorly addicted here people!! i mostly follow photographers blogs and some crafty ones with diy projects. i never knew it could be so much fun looking at people's blogs from all over the country. there are some SERIOUSLY wicked talented people out there. i love getting inspiration and ideas from other people's creative minds. so a BIG thank you to those who are ridiculously creative and talented-you make my heart happy!

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