Wednesday, March 17, 2010

reese witherspoon as june carter

so each month, my dept does a "themed friday" on the 2nd friday of each month. this month it was a "hollywood" theme. so i thought about who i wanted to dress up as. i really like reese witherspoon and think she's adorable, but hello, i have black hair; a far cry from her blond locks. but then a brilliant idea popped into my head...i would dress up as her from walk the line! so i went to work in assembling my "june carter" look. my inspiration came from this picture that i found online.
RW as June Carter
(the pictures aren't the greatest-i took them with my p&s). i borrowed some cowboy boots from a friend and wore a silver "poofy" skirt with a purple shirt with some beading around the neck. i had to work with what i had on hand. and then i tried to replicate the makeup and hair. so what do you think? do i look like her?
me as reese
i took a half day this day because scott's mom was in town and all three of us were going to go out to lunch and then shopping. i had changed my clothes, but still had the same hair and makeup. we went out to eat and at the end of our meal, our waitress proceeds to tell me that i look just like reese witherspoon from walk the line!!! hey, i guess it worked. :-)

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Erica and Nate said...

it totally look very cute